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Private investigations involve specialized strategies, processes, and technologies aimed at uncovering information and solving cases for individuals and businesses. This field encompasses various areas, such as background checks, surveillance, and fraud investigations. A comprehensive approach includes detailed investigation techniques, evidence gathering, and reporting mechanisms.

At Brunner Sierra Group, we focus on assisting families and businesses by providing customized private investigation services designed to uncover critical information and protect interests.

Brunner Sierra Group employs highly experienced private investigators, including former members of federal and local law enforcement agencies. These professionals bring a wealth of expertise in various investigative techniques, including interviews and understanding legal parameters. Their backgrounds ensure that our investigations are thorough, legally compliant, and respectful of all parties involved.

Here are some key aspects of Investigations:

1Investigation Preparedness:

To effectively conduct investigations, it’s crucial to establish a comprehensive plan that identifies potential risks and establishes protocols for addressing them. Brunner Sierra Group specializes in helping organizations create robust investigative frameworks.

BSG investigators collaborate with clients to conduct risk assessments, develop detailed investigative protocols, and design regular training and drill sessions to ensure that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities during an investigation. This proactive approach ensures that companies are well-prepared for any investigative scenario.


Clear and consistent communication is vital during investigations. Brunner Sierra Group emphasizes the importance of effective communication strategies and assists organizations in establishing clear communication channels.

BSG provides guidance on promptly conveying accurate information to stakeholders, including relevant authorities, company personnel, and other key entities, ensuring trust is maintained and expectations are managed effectively. By developing customized communication plans, Brunner Sierra Group helps clients navigate the complexities of internal and external communications during investigations.


Strong leadership is essential for effective investigative processes. Brunner Sierra Group offers specialized leadership training designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to guide their teams through complex situations, often under challenging circumstances.

BSG programs focus on developing composure, informed decision-making, and strategic guidance, ensuring that leaders are prepared to manage investigative teams effectively and respond to unexpected developments confidently.

4Decision Making:

Investigations often require swift decision-making, even when all information isn’t available. Brunner Sierra Group assists organizations in establishing clear decision-making processes that ensure timely and appropriate actions are taken during investigations.

BSG investigators work with clients to define decision-making hierarchies, establish decision thresholds, and create response protocols, helping investigative teams act decisively and effectively in complex and rapidly evolving situations.


Flexibility is crucial during investigations, as situations can evolve quickly. Brunner Sierra Group provides training and consultation to help investigative teams develop adaptability and resilience.

BSG offers scenario-based training exercises that simulate evolving investigative scenarios, enabling teams to practice adjusting their strategies and responding to changing circumstances effectively. By fostering a culture of adaptability, Brunner Sierra Group ensures that their clients’ investigative teams are prepared for any eventuality.


After concluding an investigation, focus shifts to recovery and learning. Brunner Sierra Group assists organizations in assessing the impact of investigations, restoring normal operations, and conducting post-investigation analyses.

BSG investigators work with clients to evaluate what went well and what could be improved for future investigations, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement. By providing structured recovery and learning processes, Brunner Sierra Group helps organizations become more resilient and better prepared for future challenges.