Most people are starting to realize that there are only two...types of companies...those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.

- John Chambers, CEO at Cisco


Our Mission

Brunner Sierra Group (BSG) is family operated, concierge forensic accounting and security firm led by a dedicated husband-and-wife team. We specialize in financial consultancy and meticulously investigate financial irregularities, fraud, and financial disputes.

Harnessing our expertise in accounting, auditing, and investigative techniques, we reveal compelling evidence, dissect financial information, and deliver authoritative testimony in court settings. Our diligent efforts are pivotal in detecting and addressing financial misdeeds, including embezzlement and misappropriation of assets.

With BSG by your side, every financial pathway is thoroughly traced, every record meticulously analyzed, and every report crafted with precision to aid in legal or regulatory inquiries. We collaborate intimately with law enforcement, legal professionals, and businesses to unearth and counteract financial malfeasance. Trust us to champion the cause of justice and uphold the sanctity of financial integrity across both civil and criminal landscapes.

Empowering your safety, shielding your assets.

Our Services

Financial consultancy that focuses on investigating financial irregularities

8481_BSG_Services_Icons_Logistical Support

Protection at the enterprise, executive and individual levels

Mitigate unwanted intrusions attempting to gain access to your network

Digital evidence collection in support of investigations with supporting testimony


Forensic Accounting investigations

Complex threat case management

Conduct investigations in support of company interests



Real-time travel intelligence

Real-time alerts and detailed assessments

8481_BSG_Services_Icons_Crisis Management

Business continuity planning

Health crisis preparation

Remote employee management

Our Clients

BSG works with numerous privately held companies, family offices, and other industries, all of which are at risk of financial misconduct, thus necessitating an atmosphere of trust and discretion. Our goal is to provide specialized, white glove, financial consultancy that zeros in on investigating financial irregularities, fraud, and financial disputes, ensuring that our clients can confide in us with the assurance that sensitive information remains secure.

Confidentiality remains a cornerstone in cultivating and maintaining close relationships, particularly in the delicate sectors where Brunner Sierra Group (BSG) operates. Through upholding stringent confidentiality protocols, BSG not only protects the financial integrity and reputational standing of our clients but also fortifies the mutual trust and respect that underpins our long-term partnerships.