“764”: The Satanic Cult we all need to be worried about

June 14, 2024

“764”:  The Satanic Cult targeting our children in the digital world

“764 The Satanic Cult we all need to be worried about (1)

By Emma Donnelly | Brunner Sierra Group

The realm of social media often seems like a whole other world.  The shields that are usernames and profile pictures provide people with a sense of anonymity, which often tends to be confused with security and creates the illusion of a barrier between social media and real life.  But there is a dangerous middle ground where the two worlds inevitably collide.  Here, social media is reality, and the lines between true and false and good and evil become blurred.  This virtual no-man’s land is where predators prowl.  In recent years, it has served as a breeding ground for one of the most rapidly growing transnational threats… “764.”

What is “764”?

“764” is an online group of violent extremists who have transformed social media platforms into the ultimate weapon.

The nefarious faction traces back to one person: Bradley Cadenhead, a 16-year-old Texas native.  The group’s title corresponds to the first three digits of the zip code of Cadenhead’s hometown, Stephenville, where he conducted the group’s activities from his mother’s home.  Records show that Cadenhead became fascinated with violent imagery at the impressionable age of 10.  At 13, he was placed in a juvenile detention center after threatening to shoot up his school.  In January 2021, Cadenhead created the first “764” server on Discord.  Ever since the self-designated sadistic cult has gained a substantive online following of boys and men and an increasing number of females as old as their mid-40s.


The heinous acts carried out by “764” are nearly unfathomable.  The group actively searches for and targets minors with a history of mental health issues (such as suffering from an eating disorder or depression).  When a potential victim is found, a member of “764” will spend a couple of months grooming them and lulling them into a false sense of security before asking the minor to send a sexually graphic image.  Once the image is sent, the group uses it to blackmail the victim into doing whatever they ask, including (but not limited to) self-mutilation, acts of violence, sexual acts, and suicide.  These actions are filmed, photographed, and live-streamed by “764” members, who post edited footage of the victim on their social media platforms.

“764” goes beyond a typical sextortion scheme.  “764” members work in concert, using the pornographic images they obtain to reach a common goal: the collapse of civilized society.  By coercing minors into committing terrible acts, filming those acts, and then posting them to social media, “764” hopes to desensitize the world’s youth to violence and create social unrest, and in doing so, accelerate the downfall of the current world order, including the United States Government.  Suppose the victim refuses to comply with the demands of the “764” member. In that case, the sexually abusive depictions of the victim may be released to the public and their loved ones.

The chaos that “764” aims to unleash in society is not limited to the victims the group grooms online.  In addition to using the sexually explicit images as leverage to force compliance with their demands, “764” members also frequently use the personal information of their victims to conduct a terrifying “swatting.”  In those cases, if the victim refuses to accede to the commands of the “764” member, then “764” may send an email or voicemail, often to government, religious, or educational facility, in which they impersonate the victim and threaten to carry out a bombing or mass shooting.  The threat triggers a massive police response—hence the term “swatting”—to the targeted institution and the victim’s residence to prevent the threat from unfolding.  By making it appear that the
victim is the malevolent actor about to commit a catastrophic act of violence, “764” achieves its goal of causing societal pandemonium.

Impacts of “764”


Unfortunately, the influence of “764” has expanded through hundreds of accounts on dozens of social media platforms. The most common “764” accounts, channels, and chat rooms are found on Discord, Telegram, Instagram, X, Roblox, SoundCloud, and Minecraft.

Efforts have been made to eradicate “764” on these sites.  In 2023, Discord blocked 130 groups and 34,000 accounts linked to “764.”  Despite these efforts, thousands of “764” accounts and chat rooms are still active today.  While “764” members are physically located in dozens of countries, the connectivity of the internet allows them to support each other, spread their criminal ideology, and even train new members on the latest tactics to be used on their innocent victims.


In the spring of 2021, a 14-year-old from Oklahoma called “Eve” was encouraged by her art teacher to download Discord to share her artwork.  As a fan of horror stories, Eve began searching for gory content and eventually came in contact with the “764” server.  After a two-month grooming period by a man who went by “Brad” (one of Cadenhead’s usernames), he convinced her to send nude photos of herself.  They then used the photos as leverage, threatening to release them if Eve didn’t obey them.  On video calls, Eve was forced to strangle her cat and behead her pet hamster.  The group also swatted the family’s home and reported to Eve’s principal that she murdered animals.  The harassment reached a climax when, one night, Eve was forced to sit in the bathtub and carve the usernames of the “764” members into her skin until the water was red.  Her mother discovered the self-inflicted wounds, and Eve revealed that they had instructed her to take her life the next day.  Her mother stepped in and cut off all communication with the group.  Eve is now a junior in high school and is slowly recovering from her traumatic experience with “764” with the help of trauma therapy. However, the scars of her torment remain visible on her body.

Similarly to Eve, “Sophia” was only 15 years old when she was sucked into the terroristic whirlwind of “764.”  Sophia had been a victim of sexual abuse by her uncle before she even reached elementary school and had a long history of mental health issues and substance abuse… all traits that made her an ideal victim for “764.”  After being groomed similarly to Eve, the torture began.  Members of “764” would talk about carving their handles into her skin repeatedly.  She was forced to cut a swastika into her skin.  After being repeatedly fat-shamed in “764” chats, she developed an eating disorder and lost 60 pounds.  Sophia also claimed to be on the server for some of the most notorious “764” moments, including the livestream where Eve tearfully beheaded her hamster as dozens watched.  She also recounted watching a girl hang herself in her closet and seeing someone shoot themselves in the head.

In addition to Eve and Sophia, countless other young girls have fallen prey to the Satanic workings of “764,” and many were not lucky enough to make it out alive.  Those who do survive their tortuous ordeal are left with scars, both mental and physical, that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The Fight Against “764”

Despite the widespread influence of “764,” their new fame may be their downfall.  As more and more minors are victimized, law enforcement has become more and more aware of the threat “764” poses. It is increasingly dedicated to crushing these spawn-of-Satan anarchists.  The FBI issued a public warning in September of 2023, in which they identified “764” and seven similar groups that target minors and seek to exploit and harm them for notoriety.  They did not comment on how investigations were being undertaken.

The FBI and law enforcement are investigating “764” on offenses of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and domestic terrorism due to their ties with Order of Nine Angles, a Satanist cult from Great Britain that has regained notoriety for its recent involvement in online “edge lord” and militant neo-Nazi circles.

Since mid-2021, criminal investigations have been launched against dozens of people linked to “764” and similar groups in the US, Great Britain, Germany, Romania, and Brazil.  This network has also been connected to a nihilist Eastern European skinhead crew accused of carrying out random killings in Ukraine and Russia.  The US Department of Justice is in the process of pursuing further charges through federal grand jury proceedings.

Several influential members of “764” have been arrested and imprisoned.  Among them are:


·      Bradley Cadenhead (AKA “Felix” and “Brad”), who is credited with founding “764.”  He was arrested in July 2021 on child pornography charges. He was sentenced to 80 years in prison for possession with intent to promote child pornography.

·      Angel Luis Almeida (AKA “Duck” and “Gorebutcher”), who caught the attention of the FBI due to his strong connections with the Order of Nine Angles.  He was arrested in November 2021 and faces a potential life sentence.

·      “Tobbz,” a West German who was one of Cadenhead’s close friends.  He was arrested in April 2022 and convicted of aggravated murder in August 2023 for killing an elderly woman while livestreaming on the “764” Discord server.

·      Francesco (AKA “Riley”), a Romanian national who took over running “764” after Cadenhead’s arrest.  He was charged and convicted of possession and distribution of CSAM in the summer of 2023 and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

A nonprofit organization, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, saw a spike in reports of minors extorted into hurting themselves in 2023.  The organization serves to reroute reports from social media outlets and the public to law enforcement.  They are still receiving dozens of reports each month.

The fight to collapse groups like “764” won’t be easy.  They are part of an extensive and complicated network of groups that span across countless platforms all over the world.  But while it’s not an easy fight, it’s worthwhile.  If one child can be saved from the pain and trauma that Eve and Sophia suffered at the hands of “764,” then it becomes our duty to see it done.

If you wish to report online child sexual abuse or are searching for resources for those who need help:

Contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Or call 1-800-843-5678

Additionally, the FBI has requested victims of these types of crimes to report them to:

The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 

Or your local FBI Field Office

Or call 1-888-CALL-FBI (225-5324)